Friday, 18 October 2013

My Profile

I am Abdulaziz Alfuraih a final year student in Middlesex University, studying BA Television Production course. Making this blog as a part of my studies to share my experience through the year.

Location and Transport
I live in Hendon, North West of London and travel by public transport.

Additional Information
I am a member of Saudi Journalists club in the UK (SJCUK).
I can speak Arabic and English.

Primary role specialisms

Secondary role specialisms
Production manager

Genre Specialisms

Statement of Intent
I have an experience in reporting for TV as I worked as a reporter for the Saudi Arabian television (Channel one) for 3 years. I made many reports for TV programmes and shows.

I am currently available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Previous films

"A life in the day of Hasmok Mehta" / Documentary - 2013 / Director

"No Matter What" / Drama - 2012 / Producer

"The Journey" / Drama - 2011 / Producer

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