Saturday, 3 May 2014

Preparing for the idea of ​​the final project 1

       After I and my previous team finished the production and display of our short film (a life in a day of Hasmok Mehta) , we started preparing for our project for the final year at the university. Because our short film was applauded by everyone and got very good echoes from both our teachers, colleagues and friends outside the university, we felt great responsibility so we determined to find ​​a distinct idea for our end project which was only ten minutes long. Its quality must not be less than that of our former one either in technical, artistic aspects, or the narration and the sequence of events listed visually, that is because everyone expects a lot from us. I want to produce a good film that has a great sentimental value, respects the viewers’ taste and it must have a useful meaning and a strong message.

I and Omran the producer of the previous work discussed together trying to keep the same team and continue in our final year project but unfortunately, Liucija the program researcher of our last film withdrew from the team and so did Ingrida the production manager as the two decided to make a drama as their own project. Our team now includes me, Omran, Marius the Cinematographer and the editor and Natarin the sound and light technician. We started to meet every day, where we must prepare our project idea in a professional manner which includes all aspects of production from pre-production to post-production, we must be clear in what we want to achieve and communicate to the viewer.

  I’m very interested in documentaries in general and eager with documenting biographies and histories as well as travel programs which explore peoples’ culture and history .As we are in Britain , I suggested making a documentary film because Britain is rich with important biographies and histories , but the team refused the idea so I suggested making a documentary film about wildlife and to track a specific species of animals in Britain as it is a new trend and will give us the chance to explore and experience this sort of documentation . My team said that this genre is difficult to achieve as it needs experts, a lot of time and effort as well as equipment that are not available in the university.

 After long discussions and brainstorming, my colleague Omran suggested that we make a documentary film tracking someone’s life at Calais region in France .My friend Omran once had a friend who experienced passing through Britain from Calais outlet. The film shows the difficulties encountering the French and British authorities to control this problem. It also portraits the problems facing the people escaping illegally from France to Britain as some of those people go through twenty countries’ borders to arrive at Calais outlet. The idea was to track someone’s life for a day there. He would tell us his story, how he got to Calais, what his goals are and why?.  Using a long lens, if possible we can take a photo of him while crossing the borders at the end of the film. Most of those fugitives hide in trucks and pay drivers to let them hide and help them. 

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