Monday, 5 May 2014

Preparing for the idea of the final project 3

 Omran the producer and I started to surf the net about Indian charities supporting the blind and watch some reports and news on YouTube to find a blind petrified person. After a long time of hard work we found a small village about an hour drive far from Mumbai. The report we saw described the suffering the blind encounter because they have no bridge to pass them to the rail way station so many of them died and one blind woman lost her arm after the train hit her. At the end of the report, the reporter mentioned his name which was “Amol Lalzari”.

We started to search for him on the internet because he is knowledgeable about the blind in this area in addition to his volunteer work for blind charities. We contacted him on Facebook and sent him a message but no answer, so we sent an email to the YouTube channel owner who luckily gave us Amol’s phone number after telling him about our film. My colleague Omran phoned Amol as he can speaks Indian language and told him about our film and that we are students studying Television production. We offered him to be the film researcher in India. He was pleased with the idea and told us he was ready to do that. I and Omran started preparing to present the idea in summary including the objectives, the reason for presenting it, the shooting locations; age category targeted the targeted audience, the British channels that may present the film and the budget.

  The time of presenting the idea to our tutors in France came, the teachers’ opinions were frustrating, they said the idea is not such a new one and that traveling to Calais is dangerous as there are lots of gangs who may harm us. After that we started to suggest the idea of the blind and the travel to India but unluckily our presentation to our idea was not suitable, in addition we had no answers to the tutor’s questions. They said we need to study the project again and asked us to give more details about the film and they suggested that only two of us can travel to reduce cost. We went out of the meeting feeling disappointed after hard work in two ideas. Anyway, we went back to the idea of the blind in India starting to write more details, we prepared PowerPoint presentations to communicate the idea to our teachers well. After a week, we presented the idea again to our tutors, but this time our tutors were happy, they approved and accepted to launch our project, we got the green light!

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