Monday, 5 May 2014

Preparing for the idea of the final project 2

After the approval of all team members to work on the idea of ​​the film “Calais” in France, we decided to start preparing for the idea which was studied from all respects including how to find someone there to agree to shot the movie , the requirements of travel , how many days we need to shot the film in addition to the budget of the project , the feasibility study and  the equipment we need.

On the opposite side, we thought to keep this project aside and to search for an alternative plan because this idea may not be approved by our tutors, and we can’t initiate any action until we take their full approval and get the green light by viewing the idea and working on it with them.

There was an open meeting to students and groups who wish to work on a documentary film with tutors Tom and Paul. Ideas were being put forward to be discussed by both teachers and students. This meeting was just for guidance before putting the idea forward. There students works can be either accepted or refused. My colleagues and I suggested presenting a documentary film in India, the film is about the nature of life of a blind man. The origin of the idea was to make a comparison between this blind man of India and that of the last film in London. When we were shooting the film with Hasmok in London (who is originally from Indian), he said “if I live in India I wouldn’t be survive”. This quote encouraged us to make another film in India. The film will compare the differences between two Indians in two different countries. Our teachers, Paul and Tom approved the idea and encouraged us to make it. They suggested shooting the film with Hasmok by taking him this time to his homeland country and show the nature of his life there.

We started planning to the project, we found that it would be difficult to accompany the blind man to India as he needs someone to take care of him and this may lead us to busy ourselves by him not concentrating on the film. We decided to search for someone blind in India to shoot the film with, so that this film will be independent from the last one but with similar style. We decided to define each of us roles and start work. Because the study requires everyone to have two main roles whether in one or more projects , I chose to be the film director and the production manager at a time as it was my view to concentrate in these two roles only rather than working in other roles not doing them properly. “To my mind quality is better than quantity”. We aimed to make the audience approve the film whatever its demerits, we will feel tiresome of course but the film has a message to transfer to the audience: it tries to tell the Indian governments about the sufferings those people face, those people might be supported by the government or by any other sort of businessmen or women, donors or charities when the is displayed. My target is to produce a high quality film, the dream is to submit the completed film to short documentary films festivals around the world!

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