Monday, 5 May 2014

The film researcher who misled us!

We set off to Vangani village in a bumpy distant road, it seemed we were going to a remote village, but finally we reached the village. It was difficult to stay in Mumbai because it was far from the village Vangani, so we had to stay in a bad Motel in the village to save our time, wake up early in the morning, start search and meet the blind people .I told my colleagues to be patient to achieve our target efficiently. Of course, we were strangers for the villagers and we faced problems represented in people gathering around us and standing in front of the camera, this made our work difficult especially that I wanted and tried to keep the shots appears natural.

I asked Amole to come to our Motel alone to plan our production schedule, we decided to spend a day searching and meeting blind people in the village to choose the suitable person with who we will spend a whole day to recognize his life style then I make notes and study his personality. We decided to make the third day to shoot that person and the fourth day is assigned to select the places in the village where we shall take  random shots. Unfortunately, Amole upon whom we depended misled us and wasted our time. He used to accompany a blind man, at the very start of meeting us; Amole told us that this blind man knew all the blind in the village. This blind man has instigated him against us and made him exploit us and ask for money and wasted our time. Afterwards, we discovered that Amole does not live in the village and does not know any of the villagers and that he depended on that blind person. We met  the a doctor in the village who introduced us to the mayor who received us warm welcoming, they helped us meet the blind  people then found our character and do the job completely in only four days! I benefitted from this experience not to depend upon someone you do not know as this Amole is someone we know only from a short video and in a country we visited for the first time!

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